Minor Injury & Illness

Urinary Tract Infections

Women under 65 with suspected lower urinary tract infection (UTI) or lower recurrent (cystitis or urethritis)

Treating Your Infection


Treating Your Infection UTI leaflet FOR OLDER ADULTS and those who care for them

A leaftlet for older adults and carers

Ear Wax

The Hall Practice no longer offers appointments for ear syringing / irrigation to treat ear wax.

Please click the link below to download an information leaflet about ear wax treatment with guidance about how you can manage the problem and the use of drops.

The following private providers offer ear irrigation services (full details in leaflet):

  • Chalfont Hearing Centre - 01494 765144

  • Aston Hearing - 01494 733840

  • Help in Hearing - 0345 2220579

  • Rickmansworth Earwax Removal Clinic - 0800 1337 987

    If you are suffering with pain in your ears or any other symptoms that you are concerned about, please book an appointment with our Nurse Practitioner or a GP.

Earwax - An LMC Guide updated May 2018 LEAFLET.docx

Warts & Verrucas

We no longer offer appointments for the treatment of warts & verrucas, even if over the counter treatment has failed. The following local clinics offer treatment, including for children:

  • Bodyworks Clinic - 01753 893555
  • Chalfont Feet - 01753 893383
  • The Eaton Practice - 01753 888740

For further information on warts and verrucas, click here